Accord participated in AeroIndia 2009

February 15 2009

Accord announced today, a strategic alliance with Spectralux Corporation based in Redmond, Washington, USA to create GNSS sensor products for civil aviation applications. The product named NexNav™, is a GNSS sensor circuit card assembly (CCA) designed to meet the WAAS Beta 3 requirements.

WAAS Beta-3 is a performance standard for Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers that allows for LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approaches at many airports in the United States. LPV approaches allow for low-visibility landings without the need for expensive instrument landing system (ILS) installations for each runway. It is widely expected that many regional airports will be certified for LPV approaches in the next few years, reducing the number of aircraft diversions due to low visibility.

NexNav incorporates Accord’s proprietary high precision GPS receiver core technology. It meets the RTCA DO-229D minimum operational performance standards and has been developed by Accord compliant to DO-178B and DO-254 standards. Spectralux will provide design integration, manufacturing, certification and product support for NexNav. The FAA TSO is scheduled for the first quarter of 2007.

NexNav measures only 15 square inches and weighs 150 grams. It can easily be fitted into an existing LRU (line replaceable unit) or provided as a standalone module. NexNav features 12 GPS and 3 SBAS channels with GPS acquisition and tracking sensitivity of -136 dBm and -140 dBm, respectively. The unit consumes 5 watts of power in a typical installation, and has an update rate of 5 Hz.

“Beta-3 is the highest aerospace performance standard for GNSS available today,” said J.M. Sundaresan, managing director of Accord. “The NexNav sensor will allow all kinds of OEMs who need precise information on position, velocity, and time to get a solution that will fit their needs.”

“We identified a clear market need for a Beta-3 card that can be configured to fit our customers’ needs,” said Michael Burke, president of Spectralux. “Our launch customer specified a stacked configuration, but it can easily be produced in other form factors.”

NexNav is represented exclusively by Phoenix Aerospace Consulting Group of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, a business development consultancy with over 20 years of experience in avionics. For more information on NexNav, visit
About Accord

Accord Software & Systems Private Limited is a Bangalore India based technology company specializing in GNSS Sensor technology, Digital Signal Processing and Embedded Systems Engineering. Accord’s GNSS receiver sensor technology is already being used in various automotive and aerospace applications. For more information about Accord, visit
About Spectralux

Founded in 1973, Spectralux Corporation is the most dependable manufacturer of avionics solutions in the aerospace/defense industry. Their proven, industry-leading record of on-time delivery, quality, and support provides customers with the products and services they need, when they need them. For more information about Spectralux, visit