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Accord launches NexNav™ - a unique flight safety solution for the aviation industry

First ever Indian Avionics product to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

· NexNav™ has been chosen by top aircraft manufacturers like Eclipse Aviation and Avionics OEMs like Chelton Flight Systems and L3 Communications

· NexNav™ can be used as a primary navigation sensor in all kinds of aircraft

· NexNav™ allows Continuous Descent Approach reducing Greenhouse Emission and significant fuel savings

· A NexNav™ equipped aircraft can avoid collision both in flight and on ground

· NexNav™ has been engineered to stringent performance and environmental specifications

Bangalore, 16th November 2007: Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based technology company has launched NexNav™, a unique Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution that aims to solve many of the problems plaguing the world aviation industry today. NexNav™ sensor has been engineered to improve the concept of flight safety management.

NexNav™ is an air borne GPS (Global Positioning System) sensor that tracks satellite signals and provides highly accurate position, velocity and time. The technology and product has been indigenously developed by Accord. NexNav™ also tracks signals from SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) satellites to provide information of highest level of accuracy and reliability. NexNav™ has been engineered to stringent performance and environmental specifications. NexNav™ can be used as primary sensor for navigation and landing during various phases of flight.

Formally launching NexNav™, Mr. J.M. Sundaresan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Accord Software and Systems Pvt. Ltd., said “At Accord, we are very happy to have designed a unique solution to counter many of the problems faced by the aviation industry worldwide. NexNav™ supports precision approach landing without any airport specific equipment. Aircraft can fly up to about 60 metres height from the runway using only NexNav™ . The WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) Class Beta-3 Sensor brings significant value and capability, including a wide range of applications to avionics and airframe manufacturers and to the entire aviation community. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Spectralux Corporation, a Seattle based company for the certification support and manufacture of NexNav™ ”

There are 3 main advantages of NexNav™ to the aviation industry:

· Mid-air collisions and runway incursions can be reduced to a significant extent.

· Reduction in greenhouse gas emission and saving fuel costs.

· NexNav™ equipped aircraft will be subject to reduced separation standards, allowing more aircrafts to
operate at optimum levels.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raghavendra Shenoy, Director-Business Development, Accord Software and Systems Pvt. Ltd. said “Accord has a variety of GPS sensor products used in many applications such as automotive, hand held, timing, orbit determination and target tracking. Accord has pioneered GPS based solutions for the last sixteen years. Our GPS receivers are used in ISRO’s satellites since 1999. In the coming years, NexNav™ will be used in applications like ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) and drastically improve flight safety”.

About Accord Systems & Software Ltd:

Accord Software & Systems is a technology-oriented software and systems company with a focus in aerospace, GNSS, embedded, wireless and enterprise domains providing solutions and services to customers worldwide. Accord’s GNSS receiver technology is currently used in various automotive and aerospace applications. Accord is a winner of the First National Award for Entrepreneurship from the President of India. For further information about Accord, visit


About Spectralux

Founded in 1973, Spectralux Corporation is one of the most dependable manufacturers of avionics solutions in the aerospace/defense industry. The company’s proven industry-leading record of on-time delivery, quality and support provides customers with the product and services they need, when they need them. For more information about Spectralux, visit