NexNavTM GPS Sensor Selected by Eclipse Aviation as Avio NG Component

September 25, 2007, Bangalore, India – Accord Software & Systems, a leader in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver technology, today announced that Eclipse Aviation has selected the NexNavTM GPS sensor as a component in Avio NG on the Eclipse 500 very light jet.

NexNavTM is the GPS WAAS Class Beta-3 sensor designed by Accord to the newest U.S. FAA standard, TSO-C145b, compliant with the new RTCA Minimum Operational Performance Standards, DO 229D. Accord has partnered with Spectralux Corporation, a US company based in Redmond, WA, for certification and manufacture of NexNavTM . “We are excited that Eclipse Aviation has chosen our technology,” said J M Sundaresan, Managing Director of Accord. “NexNavTM incorporates the best of both> automotive and aerospace GNSS receiver technology.” “The NexNavTM team is thrilled to provide our cutting-edge GPS sensor to Eclipse Aviation,” said Michael Burke, President of Spectralux. “As a pilot, I can personally appreciate the value of LPV approach capability in an aircraft like the Eclipse. In addition, the NexNavTM GPS sensor will enable future enhancements allowing aircraft like the Eclipse 500 to seamlessly integrate into the FAA’s NextGen system.” The installation of the NexNavTM Class Beta-3 sensor on an aircraft enables advanced navigational features such as vertical navigation (VNAV) and precision approaches (LPV) that are part of the FAA’s NextGen technology roadmap. About NexNavTM

NexNavTM is a strategic partnership between Accord and Spectralux, which brings to market a family of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers and sensors for aircraft and avionics OEM companies. The NexNavTM GNSS (USA GPS) combined with the Satellite Based Augmentation System (USA WAAS; European EGNOS, etc.) is a Class Beta-3 implementation, in which WAAS Class Beta-1 and -2 capabilities are inclusive. Accord provides proprietary GNSS sensor technology, software and hardware design, development and testing for NexNavTM , while Spectralux manages product certification and manufactures the product. About Accord

Accord Software & Systems is a technology-oriented software and systems company with a focus in aerospace, GNSS, embedded, wireless and enterprise domains providing solutions and services to customers worldwide. Accord’s GNSS receiver technology is currently used in various automotive and aerospace applications. For further information, visit About Spectralux

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