IG3 Receiver

rugged all-in-view gnss receiver


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  • High performance, Fast TTFF IRNSS-GPS-GLONASS-GAGAN Receiver
  • Supports 40 channels (16 GPS, 14 GLONASS, 7 IRNSS, 3 SBAS)
  • Active antenna port for interface to GNSS antenna
  • Antenna open circuit detection, short circuit protection Lightening protection is supported
  • Provides GPS, GLONASS, IRNSS and combined navigation solution
  • Power ON BIST support with software / hardware output
  • Single 5.0 V input supply
  • Antenna supply of 5.0 V (or 3.3V or external supply)
  • Primary UART for message input / output / maintenance
  • Secondary UART for message input / output
  • Supports NMEA-0183 / proprietary message protocol


The G3I receiver is a compact, credit-card sized multi-constellation GNSS module. Capable of receiving signals simultaneously from GPS, GLONASS and IRNSS (NavIC) satellites, the G3I receiver can provide a combined navigation fix along with a timing output. The receiver supports standard NMEA 0183 message format for seamless integration into existing or new applications. It works out of an active antenna interface and indicates antenna fault as part of its on-board diagnostics. Designed as a low energy device, the receiver is ideally suited for a variety of land and air applications.