IRNSS-GPS-GLONASS-GAGAN Receiver with LAN Interface


  • Indigenous IRNSS+GPS+GLONASS+GAGAN Receiver
  • 1 PPS Output and RS232/RS422
  • Ethernet interfaces, connects to device through a TCP/UDP data channel
  • LINUX/ WINDOWS compatible
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • NMEA0183 Rev 4.10 messages
  • Rugged IP67 qualified unit


Accord has been indigenously developing customized positioning solutions for various defense programs. IRNSS is India's own regional navigation satellite system aimed at self-reliance in navigation.

Since the launch of first IRNSS satellite, Accord has been enhancing its existing solutions and developing new products and solutions based on IRNSS. This ensures navigation and timing solutions independent of other satellite navigation systems such as GPS and GLONASS ensuring continuity and availability of service for strategic programs.

The proposed product, NAVLAN-IG3 utilizes IRNSS signals to derive location and precise timing information for network synchronization in such programs.


NAVLAN IG3 is a Multi Constellation GNSS receiver that supports IRNSS L5,GPS L1, GLONASS L1 and GAGAN L1 Signals. The product is built on Accord's indigenous GNSS receiver technology.

The receiver has a 100Mbps LAN interface through which NMEA 0183 messages are communicated. The front panel has indications for power, position fix and link connectivity. The product also supports RS232/RS422/USB 2.0 interfaces. The position updates can be recorded in to a built-in flash memory.