Rugged GNSS receiver


  • GPS GAGAN GLONASS receiver with indigenous technology
  • Differential Corrections as per RTCM SC 104
  • Isolated serial interface ports
  • Built in Test
  • NMEA 3.01 Output messages
  • MTBF of more than 20000 hours as per MIL-217-HDBK


Accord's Rugged GNSS Receiver (RGNR) is a GPS, GLONASS, GAGAN receiver designed and built for aerospace and defence applications. RGNR is an indigenously designed and manufactured receiver with custom modification options. RGNR’s rugged construction with Aluminium Alloy is a qualified unit as per MIL-810G, MIL-461F, MIL-275B and MIL-464A and Complies with CE, RoHS and Safety Directives.