Gagan Enabled Mariners Instrument for Navigation and Information for alerting Fishermen & Potential Fishing Zone Forecasts


  • Provides realtime Cyclone, High waves & Tsunami information to fishermen
  • Provides Potential Fishing Zone Forecasts
  • High Sensitivity GAGAN enabled GPS Receiver
  • Improved Accuracy with GAGAN Signals
  • Rechargeable in-built Li-ion Battery
  • Compact, Lightweight, Durable and IP67 design
  • USB and Bluetooth interface
  • NMEA0183 Rev 4.10 messages
  • Indigenous GNSS Receiver

Product Description

GEMINI is a portable, self-contained GAGAN enabled GPS data recorder, which Provides realtime Cyclone, High waves, Tsunami and Potential Fishing Zone Forecasts information to fishermen. The unit comprises of a high sensitivity GPS + GAGAN receiver with on-board non-volatile memory, antenna and an in-built rechargeable battery. The receiver is based on Accord's indigenous GPS receiver technology. It has a special feature of reception of Type 63 messages from all available GAGAN satellites

The device has a compact, waterproof, lightweight design and is built with tough ABS plastics.

The unit continuously records type 63 messages, user's position, speed, heading and time in a high endurance nonvolatile memory. The receiver's intelligent power saving mode extends the battery operation for up to 5 days.

The Live Data and Recorded Data can be streamed directly to Android mobile phone through Bluetooth. The phone needs to have suitable application to receive the serial data and display it.

Inauguration of GEMINI Device, App and Launch of PFZ at Prithvi Bhawan, New Delhi