GNSS Simulator

SIMAC2 - Portable GNSS Simulator

GNSS Simulator - SIMAC2

GNSS Simulator - SIMAC2

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  • GNSS portable simulator
  • Hardware update rate support of 100 ms
  • Selection of single/multiple channels of GNSS constellations
  • Supports file loading for dynamic simulation
  • Comprehensive datalogging
  • In-house Calibration
  • Multiple options for signal impairments
    • Ionosphere
    • Troposphere
  • Supports error modelling for RAIM tests like Fixed Doppler offset, Step and/or Ramp error
  • Capable of multipath simulation


Accord has been developing state-of-the-art GNSS signal simulator for several years. Accord’s SIMAC2 is a portable small factor GNSS simulator capable of simulating GPS/SBAS L1, GLONASS L1, IRNSS L5 and S signals. With configurable 32 channel, SIMAC2 also provides additional features for signal modelling like atmospheric errors and multipath, satellite/channel configurability, user motion simulation via a trajectory file to name a few. Whether you are a user buying receivers for system integration or academic institutions trying to explore new research areas, it is of utmost importance to validate the receiver performance independently for improved system reliability. SIMAC2 perfectly fits in this category lending itself with basic simulation features satisfying the test requirements of receiver validation.