GNSS Simulator

SIMAC6 - Multi-Constellation Multi-frequency GNSS Simulator

GNSS Simulator - SIMAC6

GNSS Simulator - SIMAC6

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  • Dual-frequency IRNSS simulator
  • HILS/Hardware update rate support upto 10 ms
  • Supports profiling of receiver performance using receiver NMEA output
  • Supports RINEX, NMEA output messages
  • Selection of single/multiple channels of GNSS constellations
  • Flexibility for configuring all/some of the channels for SVIDs of any constellation
  • High dynamics simulation
  • Supports DGNSS corrections
  • Capable of multipath simulation
  • Navigation data modeling
  • Supports waypoint navigation
  • Supports all types of vehicle simulation via motion commands or user motion/NMEA files
  • Comprehensive datalogging
  • Supports error modeling for RAIM tests
    • Fixed Doppler offset
    • Step error
    • Ramp error
  • Multiple options for signal impairments
    • Ionosphere
    • Troposphere
    • Clock noise
  • Spreading code configuration
    • User defined
    • File loading


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is a space-based radio navigation capable of providing navigation data to users on or near the surface of the Earth any-time, any-where and under any-weather conditions. GNSS comprises of navigation satellite systems from various pioneers including Global Positioning System (GPS) of the US, GLONASS of Russia, GALILEO of Europe, BEIDOU of China and NavIC (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) of India. With the advent of emerging GNSS systems, receiver manufacturers across the world are constantly upgrading their basic GPS capable receiver to multi functionality receiver comprising of dual frequency, multi-constellation, augmentation capable, aiding for inertial integration and many others. It is of utmost importance to validate the receiver performance independently for improved system reliability.

Towards this, SIMAC6 lends itself for detailed validation of receiver performance with high end capability to simulate dual frequency IRNSS, GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO along with SBAS and DGNSS augmentation system. SIMAC6 is capable of simulating all the available GNSS satellites as per user selection, introduce signal anomalies like satellite orbit and clock errors, environment models for ionosphere and troposphere, different antenna models, receiver clock errors along with multipath and signal interference effects. With 120+ channel configurability and independent receiver validation via NMEA data processing, user has a complete solution in SIMAC6 for all round receiver performance validation.