Dual Redundant GPS SBAS Receiver

Rigel all-in-view gnss receiver


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  • Dual-redundant GPS receiver packaged in a metallic enclosure
  • Each path
    • Supports 16 Acquisition and 16 Tracking channels
    • Provides precise 1PPS pulse output
    • Supports 10 Km/s velocity profile
    • Works out of a single 3.3 V input supply
    • Consumes less than 500 mW
    • Supports on-board LNA for interface with a common patch antenna
    • Supports RS-232 serial interface with custom binary message output
  • 25-pin D-sub connector to bring out the power and signal interface


The Dual Redundant GPS-SBAS receiver consists of a pair of 32 Channel High Performance GPS-SBAS receivers to provide unmatched performance in the Space. The two GPS-SBAS receivers are completely independent of each other with a common antenna interface and a power divider to split the GPS signals.


  • Accurate Determination of Orbital Position and Time
  • Position or/and Time Stamping of Payload Data
  • Designed for satellites that are operating in the LEO Orbits considering the altitude and velocity of the satellite
  • Redundancy is an added advantage for applications that need continuity of operation
  • over the lifespan of the satellite in space