GPS-NavIC-GAGAN Receiver

Rigel all-in-view gnss receiver


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  • ACC-GPS-NavIC-NANO module is designed for Nano-satellites
    • High performance NavIC-GPS receiver
    • Supports 25 Acquisition and 25 Tracking channels
    • Supports 10 Km/s velocity profile
    • Works out of a single 15V input supply
  • 9-Pin, D-Type, Micro-D Plug Male Connector for power and signal interface
  • SMA female connector for antenna interface
  • PCB available in a small form-factor for space constrained designs


ACC-GPS-NavIC-NANO is a miniature high performance GPS-NavIC receiver designed specifically for satellite applications.

The receiver supports 25 acquisition and tracking channels to enhance the time to first fix under cold start even under satellite dynamics. The message interface is provided on UART and I2C. The NMEA protocol alongside a proprietary protocol provides all the information needed during the satellite motion.

The receiver works from a 5V power supply interface though it can support a wide input voltage range from 3.6V to 36V. The antenna interface is provided through a SMA connector. The receiver is designed to work with an active GPS-NavIC antenna. The power to the antenna is fed by the receiver itself.


  • Accurate Determination of Orbital Position and Time
  • Position or/and Time Stamping of Payload Data
  • Designed for satellites that are operating in the LEO Orbits considering the altitude and velocity of the satellite