(5mm x 5mm)
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The main segments where AST-234 is an ideal choice is
  • GPS modules
  • Base station timing Solutions
  • Automotive applications


  • High performance GPS Baseband
  • 8K GPS correlator architecture for enhanced sensitivity and faster time to first fix
  • Indoor positioning capability with sensitivity of –163dBm
  • Lightning fast positioning with fix times of less than a second
  • Accurate time output
  • ARM7 based processing engine with upto 90MHz clock speed
  • Internal high speed SRAM of 2Mbits and 32Kbits of battery backed SRAM to store configuration parameters
  • On-chip industry standard peripherals such as USB 2.0, CAN 2.0, Serial Port, SPI, TWI, UART, GPIO
  • Supports low power modes supported by wakeup from system RTC
  • Multiple boot mechanisms for desired system configuration
  • Scalable system clock frequency to suit processing requirements


AST-234 is a miniature version of the AST-230 SoC from Accord. It is a low cost platform for wide variety of applications, which involves GPS and other peripherals.