CDMA Transceiver

CDMA Based Video Transceiver


  • Performs FEC, Serpent and AES encryption & decryption, HDLC framing and CRC checksum
  • Efficient tracking algorithms for stringent applications
  • BPSK, QPSK modulator & demodulator
  • I/O interfaces such as RS-232, RS-422, MIL-1553B and Ethernet for video
  • Fully customizable input output protocol
  • Windows based Accord's own Graphical User Interface
  • Facilitates recording of extracted data for offline analysis
  • Supports Accord's Proprietary binary message formats for telemetry data
  • Easy expandability
  • Being used for secured communication over long distances


The CDMA Transceiver gives software solution for establishing telemetry and video link between two distant points.

The first transceiver unit shall be a part of the ground segment and the second transceiver unit shall be airborne. The ground segment transceiver unit commands the airborne unit at a data rate of 9.6 kbps and receives video data at a rate of 10 Mbps, whereas the airborne unit transmits the video data to the ground segment and receives command and telemetry data from ground segment. The ground and airborne units are separated by a maximum distance of 20 km.

It also has RF part for up and down conversion. Windows based user interface software (GVISION) supplied along with the transceiver facilitates the user with easier and intuitive interaction with the transceiver.