Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Innovative Information Technology Solutions for a better world.

Our Mission

We shall provide innovative and cutting-edge Positioning, Navigation and Timing Products to Industry leaders in the Defence, Commercial and Semiconductors Business areas.

We shall strive to grow our businesses through consistently exceeding customer expectations and moving up the value chain in our own spheres of businesses.

Our Values

  • All the stakeholders of our businesses shall always get a fair deal as an outcome of their participation in our businesses.
  • Our work environment shall present itself as an opportunity for our employees to grow in both their professional and individual lives.
  • Our customers shall always get value for their money.
  • Our enterprise shall act always responsibly as a corporate citizen fulfilling its statutory and social obligations.
  • Our enterprise shall always function in a way to uphold the image of all the stakeholders including our nation.
Board of Directors