GPS-SBAS(GAGAN) positioning module




(17mm x 22.4mm)
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  • Stand-alone 32 channels GPS-SBAS(GAGAN) positioning module
  • 17mm x 22.4mm module form-factor
  • GPS-SBAS positioning module
  • More than 16K Correlators for fast acquisition and robust tracking
  • Fast Time-To-First-Fix
  • Precise 1PPS output with configurable pulse characteristics
  • Single 3.3V input supply
  • Edge half-PTH connection points for easy assembly
  • NMEA0183 compatible message format and Custom binary message for host communication


Navika-200 is a L1, C/A code based GPS-SBAS receiver module. Its superior acquisition and tracking sensitivity ensures continuous location availability under poor visibility conditions and even indoors.

With a form-factor of 17mm x 22.4mm, Navika-200 lends itself for integration into applications with severe space constraints. Navika-200 can be interfaced to active GPS antenna.