High Performance IRNSS Based Module




(40mm x 40mm)
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  • Stand-alone 13 channels L5-IRNSS positioning module
  • Fast fix times
  • Accurate 1PPS output
  • 40mm x 40mm module form-factor
  • Type 18 message decoding from each IRNSS satellite
  • Active port for external antenna interface
  • Antenna supply of 3V DC
  • Single 3.3V input supply voltage
  • Simple 20 Pin Interface connector
  • Supports similar to NMEA message protocol for IRNSS
  • Industry standard peripherals
    • I2C
    • UART
    • SPI
    • GPIO
  • Fully ROHS complaint


The Navika-450 is a L5-IRNSS receiver module. Its acquisition and tracking sensitivity ensures continuous location availability under poor visibility conditions. Navika-450 is a 40mm x 40mm module catering to applications that demand positioning and timing information.

Navika-450 can be interfaced to IRNSS external antenna over its antenna port. The module supports rich set of interfaces like SPI port, I2C port, and two UART ports allow the module to be interfaced in a variety of ways to the outside world. The module also supports general purpose I/O's that can be used to drive LED's or digital input-output ports.

Navika-450 supports NMEA message protocol for IRNSS to communicate the location and timing information to outside world.